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If  the 2012 election season made one point absolutely clear, it is that  women need to be active and present in every facet of the process of  government.


Whatever  our politics, moral positions or tax bracket, there is confusion and  misinformation about issues that directly affect women and the family:  priorities of bail outs, loopholes, partisanship, and pulling of “safety  nets” when we’ve not established what’s beneath them. This woman  doesn’t see that being the world women would run.

Examples  like these show why it’s necessary for women to involve themselves in  decision making, either by better qualifying the representatives we  elect, lobbying for the issues important to us, joining our party’s  political commitee or throwing our own hat in the ring, to make sure our  voices are heard and that we can speak for others.

Knowledge  is not finite. Our learning does not come at the expense of someone  else’s knowledge or education. When women are informed, we see the need  for changes in the law, or the reasons to leave those laws as they are.  In some of us, this clarity kindles a desire to exercise a power we  didn’t know we had. But power is finite, and therein lies the threat.  Empowerment for women comes at the expense of those who have  traditionally held it.

This  is not an indictment of men, not in the least. Many men want, for  women, for families, and for our society, all that we want for  ourselves. The problem is that we women have not often claimed our  power, and have severely squandered our opportunities to do so. This is  to the detriment of our country and the world. Our collective passivity  seems almost like the “battered wife syndrome”, a resignation of any  hope that real change will, or can, ever occur.

We  must not abdicate our voices anymore. We cannot accept the status quo  when so much is at stake. We must step into our power or risk losing it  through ignorance, apathy and indifference. To the women who have  pioneered our trail, to the men who have supported us on way and the  daughters and granddaughters to whom this torch will be passed – rise!


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